Dont Watch If You Are Single

It’s natural to want to set the cape aside, but maybe a little voice in your head says, “But you have to” or “if you don’t, who will.” Let’s call that voice guilt with a side of shame. Feeling guilty and ashamed will have you overpromising, over-extending, and over-committing for the sake of “doing it all”. A great way to start silencing the guilt is to release those expectations that do not align with you or are irrational. This might mean making a major life shift in how you show up in your relationships and participating in self-reflection on what taking the cape off looks like for you. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is this my responsibility or someone else’s? Can the responsibilities be shared?
  • Why am I feeling guilty? What is the root or reason for this guilt?
  • Is this guilt stemming from how I want others to perceive me?
  • Is this thought rational? Is there evidence to prove this is or not true?
  • Will committing to this take time away from much-needed rest or self-care?
  • Will anyone be harmed? (If the answer is no, then it can wait.)
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